Monday, June 19, 2006

I.I.F.A.: Feroz Khan announces ‘Kurbani’

26 years ago, Feroz Khan made QURBANI. He’s all set to remake the blockbuster hit all over again. With a new star cast. And with a new title.The original starred Feroz Khan, Vinod Khanna, Zeenat Aman, Amjad Khan and Amrish Puri. Now, the new version will star Fardeen Khan [in Feroz Khan’s role], Feroz Khan [in Amjad Khan’s role] and Jackie Shroff [in Amrish Puri’s role]. The remaining two actors are under finalization. Also, the title now begins with a K, not Q. It’s KURBANI. What prompted Khan Sr. to remake QURBANI? “I was toying with the idea of making QURBANI since the past few years. And I thought that I better make it before someone else does,” the charismatic veteran informs me, “QURBANI was way ahead of its times. The plot, characters, music, stunts… the film pushed the envelope to the next level.” But why did he opt for the letter K, not Q? “So that people can differentiate between the two QURBANIs,” prompt comes the reply. Khan Sr. has roped in two writers – Puneet Sira and Vekeana Dhillon – to pen the screenplay of the new KURBANI. “I haven’t changed the structure of the story. It’s just that the film will be contemporary, in keeping with the times. Puneet is known to Fardeen, he’s directing him in a film. And I found both Puneet and Vekeana extremely talented writers, both brimming with ideas,” Khan Sr. informs. Fardeen is enacting the role that was essayed by his father in the original. Comparisons between the father and son would be inevitable. “Yes, that’s bound to be there. It’s going to be tough. But dad had his style of interpreting a role, while I have mine. QURBANI is also amongst my favorite films, so that shouldn’t be a problem,” Fardeen answers. Khan Sr. hasn’t finalized two more actors for the film. “I am still working on it. Since the film is to be shot at a stretch [India, Bangkok, Dubai, Mauritius], I need to cast actors who have dates to spare and also fit the characters,” he declares. Khan Sr. has already recorded three songs [music: Anand Raaj Anand] and the first track, the new version of ‘Tujhpe Qurbaan Meri Jaan… Qurbani Qurbani Qurbani, Allah Ko Pyaari Hai Qurbani’ was played for the global media. Also, a showreel of QURBANI was screened, after the conclusion of which Khan Sr. appears on screen and formally announces the remake called KURBANI.


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