Friday, June 18, 2010

Should IIFA dump Big B?

5 reasons why we think the megastar should no longer be the IIFA ambassador

Amitabh Bachchan is the founder-ambassador of IIFA and has always played an important role in the B’wood Oscars. He’s made his presence felt at every IIFA Weekend, from Amsterdam to Dubai. But this year Amitabh chose to give the awards at Colombo a miss. Son and bahu also did not make an appearance, with plenty of ‘professional’ excuses being offered. Here’s why we think Big B should be dumped as IIFA ambassador:

1. Big B chose to go off and shoot a tourism commercial at Gujarat’s Gir forest at exactly the same time
the awards were scheduled. By the
way, the IIFA dates were announced months earlier.

2. During the IIFA weekend, Bachchan blogged about everything on earth except why he did not go to Colombo. But he owes an explanation to his fans, especially Sri Lankan fans.

3. True, the Bachchans add a whole lot of glamour to the event, but this year the awards continued to
shine. Stunning Kareena, Lara and Bipasha ensured we did not miss the Bachchan bahu.

4. With younger stars like Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan taking an active interest in IIFA, may be it’s time to change the ambassador altogether. Choose someone who appeals to the younger B’wood fan…

5. IIFA was often seen as a Bachchan family extravaganza, with all the Bachchans walking the green carpet and at least one winning an award or performing on stage. This year, many others came into the limelight, including Vivek Oberoi!

PS: How about approaching Aamir, B’wood’s most marketing savvy star, to become brand amabassador?


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