Monday, May 10, 2010

From hosting IIFA awards: Sri Lanka targets Rs 4,025 Million

Sri Lanka being selected to host the upcoming International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards is one of the major successes of the country with the restoration of peace. India, with the world’s largest film industry, produces over 1,000 films per annum. This would be an excellent opportunity for Sri Lanka to promote its tourism at an optimal level.

Hosting IIFA in Colombo will support in building recognition internationally and to attract more tourists throughout the world, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) Managing Director Dileep Mudadeniya (Right Picture) told Daily News Business .

IIFA will also create many economic benefits such as attracting an increased amount of foreign exchange and new business ventures. Sri Lanka has the opportunity to promote tourism with the support of the Indian actors, who have a large network of fans all over the world.

The country has much potential for investment opportunities in cinema and a cinema producing destination are one of the major benefits that the country could gain by hosting IIFA in Colombo.

The SLTPB has estimated to generate Rs 4, 025 million (US$ 70 million) from hosting this internationally recognized event. During June 3 to 5 there will be many avenues to build business contacts, which leads to trade and investment. IIFA will also support the two countries to strengthen their business relations and friendship.

The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) has invested over Rs 100 million to improve the infrastructure in Colombo city.

The developments of the city has already commenced. The CMC has requested the private firms to collaborate in improving Colombo as an attractive, clean and a green city for the IIFA visitors said CMC Chief City Administrator Omar Kamil.

Kamil said that the CMC has sent request letters to the proprietors to colour wash their houses where the IIFA delegation is scheduled to travel.

The purpose of sending letters to the selected houses is to ensure that Colombo is safe, attractive, clean and a green city, he said.

Charumini de Silva, DailyNews - Colombo, Sri Lanka


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