Saturday, June 13, 2009


  • Raveena Tandon is playing it safe. It's either one colour or nothing at all. It's either all blue or all red. Amrita rao makes an attept. From boney skinny to Oomph Sexy.

    Dia Mirza is looking exeptionally glittery, an Bipasha Basu looks divine in a black number.

    Hrithik and Sonam show respective faces to support the event.

    White is just safe. Very safe. You get straight on the spotlight, and from a noby you can be shining like a star. Just like Z listers Genelia and Sophie.

    There were rumours flying around that Jayaji would skip this year's iifa. We were very relieved to hear that, we don't need to get possesed at Macau.But no, the witch herself let her hair go again, and wore CLOTHES!!

    Don't wear black, when you know that the backdrop's gonna be black. Ok maybe Kangana can pull it off because she's just born with natural sharp features. You don't look on what she's wearing, you pan right to her face!! But Anushka, it doesn't help that she is super skinny, and that the black made her the backdrop. So instead of focusing on her i'm more likely seeing the sponsors on the backdrop then what she's wearing or pan to her face for the matter.

    My hero-looking suave and stylish.Just look at Abhi Baby- minus the missus.Picture Perfect! I like the nearly clean shaven abhi, and he seriously lost a bit of weight after last year's IIFA @ BANGKOK.

    What in the world is wrong with my favourite Miss Universe, Sushmita sen. Why settle for animal prints and bathroom robe, when you can don a sari if you want everything to be cover up. Is macau that cold? She have one more day to make me blow away.Please someone, tell her to show some skin!!



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