Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amitabh: I wanted TZP in IIFA

Bachchan expresses his unhappiness on the Aamir Khan film not being under contention for the awards

The movie industry has been unanimous in its approval for Taare Zameen Par. It has even won countless awards but the film’s producer-director Aamir Khan has consistently shunned all of these ceremonies because they go against his principles. Now, however, because of Aamir’s refusal to apply for the IIFA, TZP will not even be a contender. Brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan tells us more…

Taare Zameen Par hasn’t been nominated for the IIFAs, what’s your reaction?
IIFA rules and procedures, approved by the governing body, states that it is mandatory for a producer seeking nomination for an Award category, to make a formal application. If the formal application is not made, irrespective of the status and merit of the film, it does not become eligible for a nomination. Aamir as a producer, did not put in that formal application making it very difficult for IIFA to consider TZP in any category.

As a brand ambassador did you think of inviting him personally?
IIFA and I also as its Brand Ambassador spoke to Aamir personally on this issue, because we did not want his film to go unrecognised and possibly unrewarded. But he told us that it was against his principles with regard to award ceremonies. He wished to be excused and I think we should honour that. Much as though we would have wanted to accommodate his film, it would have gone against the principles of the IIFA regulations. It would have set a wrong precedent unfortunately, for producers, who were following the regulations of IIFA. I have expressed to Aamir how immensely we shall miss his presence.

Your take on Aamir’s stand to boycott award ceremonies?
This is Aamir’s personal take on the matter and I shall respect it.

Have you watched the film?
I have not. But have heard glorious talk about it. Aamir has invited us to come and see it. Unfortunately, all of us have been travelling extensively and in different directions. As soon as we are all in town together, we shall watch it. I am in touch with Aamir on this.

Your reaction at TZP not being a part of IIFA?
Yes, I am deeply disappointed.

IIFA is in it ninth year. As the ambassador, how have you seen the show develop over the years
What started off as another one-day award show has now developed into an important three-day event. Its growth as a brand and a movement has brought immense visibility not just to the Indian entertainment industry, beyond Indian shores, but also proved to be an asset to the host nation.

Business forums in league with FICCI have added an enormous economic dimension to this event. I feel very proud of this fact and I wish it greater success in the future years as well.

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