Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ranbir Kapoor declined to perform live at the 10th IIFA awards in Macau

Ranbir Kapoor seems hellbent on not making the mistakes his father did (signing on any and every film at the peak of stardom). Lucrative roles including Kabir Khan's New York and Jehangir Surti's Aa Dekhe Zara have been declined instantly by this fastidious actor.

Now Ranbir has said no to an obscene amount of money (reportedly close to Rs 2 crore) offered to him to perform live at the 10th IIFA awards in Macau arguing that he wasn't prepared to face a live audience yet.
Let me have enough songs first

According to a close friend, "Ranbir has decided he will go on stage only when he has a proper and solid body of songs to perform to. After his debut in Saawariya, Ranbir was flooded with offers to perform live. He excused himself saying he wasn't ready.

This year again Ranbir has declined all invitations to perform at award events including IIFA saying he isn't ready to go on stage yet."

IIFA director Sabbas Joseph says, "I respect that. If Ranbir feels he is not ready for the stage, that says a lot about him. Hopefully he'll make his stage debut with us next year."


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